Text2pay & Business text messaging

AuxCHAT is what you need when you need to convey quick and precise communications to clients, partners, or staff. AuxCHAT is a secure, cost-effective, and efficient way to communicate. It’s a virtual toolbox that allows you to use your existing business phone number to help you expand your business more efficiently.

In business, whether small or big, customers are constantly calling your business numbers. With AuxCHAT, you can quickly provide clients with the option to “text or call” using an existing phone number. It’s also beneficial to send a text message to your employees and consumers via the internet. You can also use your accounts to import contacts and manage lists. AuxCHAT also has several other functionalities, like as

  • Text2pay
  • Text automation
  • Business text messaging from computer
  • Text messaging service for small business
  • Group text messaging for business


Text2pay is the most helpful payment solution ever produced for businesses. Text2pay allows you to get paid faster and more efficiently than ever before. Your client will receive a text message with a payment request link by providing a cell phone number and the total and hitting send.

Businesses should be paid, and they must be delivered quickly. From deposits to real-time orders, we’ve got you covered. The Text2pay interface is simple to use and gets the job done.

  • Create a money request to be paid within 15 minutes from the control panel. A text including a payment link will be sent to your client. This will ensure that you get paid and that you are paid quickly.
  • Text2pay makes it simple to receive payment by allowing users to use credit cards to receive payment safely and quickly.
  • Text2pay can help you expand your business.
  • You can quickly send text message promotions to your consumers now that you have their phone numbers.
  • Text2pay makes getting paid every month simple. Set up and send a monthly recurring payment request, and you’re done.

Text Automation

Text automation, simply put, is the process of sending messages to recipients with minimal or no manual interaction. Automated texting software simplifies how your company interacts, making it easier for you to run your company and give excellent service to your clients.

Business Text Messaging from Computer

Business text messaging is a service that allows businesses to use SMS texting from their computers for customer service, recruiting, and sales, among other things. It is beneficial for

  • Adding business text messaging by integrating SMS gateway with your website or software utilizing SMS tools.
  • With online SMS chat, you may send and receive text messages right now. It’s ideal for worker and customer communication from afar.
  • It’s simple automation that can benefit your company.
  • It’s simple to send text messages from your email. Your email became text messages and delivered, with all replies coming as emails.
  • Anyone can text you without texting them first if you have a dedicated number for your business.
  • Online, you may schedule crucial SMS reminders, alerts, campaigns, and notifications to be sent at specific times.
  • Sorting your contacts in your database into groups and lists will help you improve your SMS communication.
  • Attach photos, Word files, and PDF files if you need to deliver extra information to your employees and customers. It’s a significant improvement over MMS.
  • Start using your text messaging contacts list, whether uploading from Excel or copying from the clipboard.
  • You may send thousands of customized text messages to recipients worldwide using mail merge custom fields in just seconds.
  • Subscribers can opt-out of receiving your messages at any time by texting STOP, which saves you money.

Text Messaging Service for Small Business

Small businesses can use text messages and SMS marketing to acquire new consumers and boost engagement with existing ones at a low cost.

  • Send out promotions, introduce new products, and so on.
  • Automated SMS can help you save time.
  • Create a list of phone numbers quickly and easily.
  • And there’s much more!

Group Text Messaging for Business

A group text messaging service allows organizations to communicate with a large number of people at once. Send out a single SMS blast with exclusive offers and news. Text messages are mostly opened, making them one of the most effective ways to reach people immediately. By delivering SMS text messages to your target audience from your computer or app, a group text messaging solution for businesses or any organization may grow users and promote engagement.

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